Career Growth

The 2021 Superpath Content Marketing Salary Survey

We've finished collecting data. Join our Slack community to get notified when the report is published.

We are running our third annual content marketing salary report for the next few weeks. This is for:

  • Anyone who works in content, whether you are just starting or run a team of 50 people
  • Full-time, in-house content marketing folks
  • Full-time, agency-side content marketers
  • Freelancers who make a living in content marketing

This is anonymous and the data will be shared publicly. I use this data to ensure that our job board customers pay at or above market rate. You can use this data to negotiate a better salary. Assuming that we find another gender pay gap, all of us can fight for fair pay across the board.

The more data we have on content marketing salaries, the more informed we can all be when hiring, promoting, job searching and negotiating. So, help me help you. Fill this out and pass it along to your peers. Thank you in advance!