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Posted Jul 22

Crossbeam, a SaaS business for managing partnerships, is hiring a remote staff writer. You can read the full job description here.

Listen to my interview with head of content Sean Blanda here:

The Job

Here's the deal with this job: it's a fantastic opportunity.

When I published the first-ever Superpath podcast (an interview with Sean that you should definitely listen to), two people told me that Sean is the best editor they've ever worked with. He also cares deeply about career development and has a stellar track record as a writer, editor and manager. This is a rare opportunity to work alongside one of the best content professionals in the business.

The role itself is a multi-factorial. Sean published a tweetstorm about the role (which you should read if you're considering applying) and in it, he mentions that Crossbeam is in the early stages of building a media organization within the company. He foresees text, video and audio content. He is already publishing 65-page guides and data reports. This job is for someone who is passionate about content, ready to push the boundaries and eager for a challenge.

Here are three specific things I really like about this role:

  • This person will mine the existing community for insights. They will be expected to investigate and interview customers. They will also have access to a massive amount of internal data to use in their writing. A journalism background could be helpful for this part of the job.
  • This person will have the opportunity to do way more than write blog posts. As I mentioned, Crossbeam is already working on guides and reports, but there will be webinars, videos, ebooks, emails, social media posts and events to get involved with.
  • Crossbeam offers a full suite of benefits (healthcare, 401k, stock options, etc.) This role will be limited to folks in the US, but as us Americans know, good benefits are really, really important.

If you have questions about this role, don't hesitate to DM Sean in the CMCG Slack community.

The Company

Crossbeam launched about 18 months ago. Last summer, it raised a Series A and to date has raised $15.9 million. The company is based in Philadelphia but most of its 30 employees work remotely.

As we often say, getting in early at a startup can be very beneficial. When companies grow fast, the employees also have the opportunity to grow fast. It's not for everyone—things at startups tend to move really fast—but you are, at the very least, guaranteed to learn a lot.

Our Take

This is an awesome opportunity for a early or mid-career content marketer primed for rapid growth. If you'd like help with your application, just email me. Otherwise, just click "Apply" and let Crossbeam know you came in via Superpath.

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