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Posted Jul 20

This role has been filled and will be removed from the site shortly.




OpenSpace is a construction technology company. In layman's terms, the software will make a Google Street View equivalent for construction sites. It's making its first content marketing hire. You can read the full job description here.

Listen to my interview with head of marketing and business development Robert Shear here:

The Job

This is a cross-functional content role at a growing startup, meaning this person will work across product, engineering, support and sales to form a content plan. Robert mentioned that OpenSpace is pursuing an account-based marketing strategy and has a sales team of 10. This means you can expect to create video, audio and text content for the middle and bottom of the funnel.

There are a few things I really like about this job:

  • The first content hire will work with the marketing team to set the content strategy, but will also have room for growth. They plan to have a content team working under this hire within 9-18 months. Room for growth is a huge factor when considering a new role and OpenSpace has it.
  • OpenSpace is also hiring a Community Engagement Management. With this person and the content role, the marketing team will be five people. The Community Engagement Manager will actually be on construction sites getting to know customers and feeding information back to the marketing team.
  • OpenSpace usage has doubled since COVID. This trend should provide job security, something none of us can take for granted these days.

This is not a remote role. OpenSpace is looking for someone to work out of their San Francisco office (although not immediately).

The Company

OpenSpace raised a Series A last summer and has $17 million in total funding. The team is between 35-40 people as of this posting (July 2020) and seems poised for growth. They've invested heavily in technical talent and are now looking to bring that technology to the market faster and more efficiently.

This is definitely a startup environment and with less than 50 people, it's still early. When companies grow, employees have the opportunity to grow as well. That may come in the form of accelerated career and/or salary growth, or it could just be experience. Either way, well-funded startups tend to be very good places to learn and grow fast.

Our Take:

There aren't many construction SaaS companies doing content right now. This is a really cool opportunity to take your skills and apply them in an industry that hasn't already seen every content trick in the book.

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