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Posted Jul 14

Vanilla, an estate planning SaaS tool, is making its first marketing hire. This plan will establish its content presence, own email marketing, manage paid spend, build a PR strategy and more. You can read the full job description here.

Listen my conversation with head of product Sam Trapkin and head of design Alex Pines here:

The Job

Being the first marketer at an early-stage startup isn't for everyone, but it is a fantastic opportunity for the right person. This person will influence all marketing at Vanilla and will work alongside people in engineering, product, design, sales and support. If you've worked at a small startup before, you know the drill. Things happen very fast. You have to be decisive, proactive and flexible. If you prefer the pace and specialization of a large company, this role is definitely not for you.

Here are three reasons I really like this opportunity:

  • You get to own content, social media, email, PR and paid acquisition. You'll get to build the strategy for each, choose the tools and execute. You'll need to be a jack of all trades, but strong writing skills are a must.
  • Vanilla is bringing new technology to a world that is used to old/broken tech or none at all. It's a cool opportunity to bring a SaaS product to a new market and it's definitely a departure from the stereotypical SaaS ecosystem (SaaS marketers selling SaaS products to other SaaS marketers). It's very much B2B, though you may also get to help your customers sell their customers. I suggest familiarizing yourself B2B2C before taking this job.
  • You get in early. It may sound cliche but getting into a startup early is one of the best ways to accelerate your career. Very few people get to start a marketing strategy from scratch. If you do it successfully, you'll set yourself for all kinds of amazing opportunities.

Some people will naturally be attracted to roles like this. You should feel a sense of excitement and urgency to even consider applying.

The Company

Vanilla is an estate planning tool for financial advisors and lawyers. As Alex and Sam explained, these folks are used to bad tech or none at all. They are trying to modernize an industry that has held onto old school practices and charged hefty fees for services that can be productive. I don't know much about estate planning, but like most fields, I'm sure it's far more interesting than it sounds on the surface. I got my start in content writing blog posts for lawyers and found that world to be fascinating.

Our Take

If you're excited and eager to get going after reading this, please apply. If you aren't, there are other opportunities out there for. We love this opportunity for a self-started eager to build a marketing plan (and execute it) from scratch.

Superpath will be helping a few qualified folks apply for this role. Click "Apply" to get started.

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