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Posted Jul 14

ActiveCampaign is hiring a remote Growth Content Marketer. This person will create new content, repackage content from other channels, refresh old content and edit content from contributors. You can read the full job description here.

Listen to my interview with head of content Benyamin Elias here:

The Job

ActiveCampaign is what I'd consider a bread-and-butter B2B SaaS company. The tool helps small businesses grow with a suite of marketing automation tools. They have an established marketing team, a healthy content presence, a partner ecosystem, an app marketplace, a template library, free lead gen tools and more.

I bring all this up because it's important to understand that ActiveCampaign's marketing team is robust and professional. The person who takes this job will step into a company that takes marketing (and especially content marketing) very seriously.

There are three main reasons I really like this job:

  • Content is proven at ActiveCampaign. As Benyamin mentioned, they grew the blog from 8,000 organic visitors/month to more than 200,000. They've also invested in video and design, ideal counterparts to written content. The content team isn't a one-trick pony, meaning this person will get exposure to new and different types of content.
  • There are opportunities for growth. Benyamin started at ActiveCampaign as a content writer, then became a content manager and now runs all content. It's clear that ActiveCampaign invests in its employees and provides opportunities for growth.
  • Benyamin (the head of content and this person's manager) is a pro. He's an active member of the CMCG Slack community and clearly knows what he's doing. It's great to work for a company and manager that understand content and both are true here.

If you're an established content marketer looking to work with a team of professionals, this is a great opportunity.

The Company

One of the most important things Benyamin mentioned in our chat was that ActiveCampaign provides great health insurance and a 401k match. These things cost real money and not all companies are willing to make those investments in their employees. The fact that ActiveCampaign does says a lot about the culture.

The company is also growing quickly and now has more than 100,000 customers. When a company grows fast, the employees have the opportunity to grow fast as well.

Our Take

This is a great opportunity for someone interested in a multi-dimensional content role. It's important that you are up for repurposing/refreshing content in addition to creating new content. It's also important that you can edit and manage contributors. It's a perfect job for a well-rounded content marketer looking to be part of a real content team.

Superpath will be helping a few qualified folks apply for this role. Click "Apply" to get started.

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